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The direct-drive motor system, triple transport, high and long arm of the machine are just some of the technical elements used in the latest JUKI machine, model no. LU2810A-7. Thanks to that and couple other solutions the machine can be used to sew heavy, large sized materials.

On October 2012 during Szwalnia 2013 fairs in Łódź, Contec presented the latest JUKI stitch machine – model LU2810A-7. The machine is dedicated to sew a heavy, large sized materials. The producer applied few innovative solutions to improve workability such as direct-drive motor system, triple transport, high and long arm. Machine head was designed mainly for automotive industry, furniture industry and big-bag production.

The machine has been designed to get the best quality of final product with the lowest operating costs and speed up production - says Marcin Wojtkiewicz, a representative of Contec - This model is also a response to fashion trends that we can see in the furniture and automotive industry for a long time. This is - in my and producers opinion – why it was placed on the market. The first few machines that hit the Polish market is currently being tested in the largest upholstered furniture and automotive manufacturers. Machine head was designed to make its arm the longest and the highest as possible to give an operator maximum workability.

Solutions used in JUKI LU2810A-7:

New high and length of the arm:

- distance from the machine arm to the needle extended to 347 mm
- arm head high extended to 127mm

New high-torque direct-drive motor located on the machine head:

The sewing machine is excellent at its responsiveness and ensures increased penetration into the material even when sewing multi-layered parts.


New-type tank style automatic lubrication mechanism has been adopted:

The machine was equipped with a new automatic lubrication mechanism. Remaining oil quantity indicator allows operator to fill up oil at any time without lifting the entire head.

New specifications of the machine:

- max. sewing speed: 3000sti/min
- max. stitch length: 9mm
- presser foot: auto: 20mm, by hand:10mm
- needle: 135x17 Nm160 (Nm125~Nm180)
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